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HOW TO: Between jobs make up removal


So, you’ve got at least two jobs in one day, you hard-working model you. How do you run from job #1 without scaring children with next season’s editorial makeup, and arrive fresh-faced at job #2? With a few skin care additions to your model bag, you can take your responsible model game to the next level and earn the respect of crew members everywhere!

WIPES: These handy sheets come pre-soaked in cleanser that will scrub off your makeup and absorb any excess oils. You can buy fancy ones but I promise baby wipes and home-made wipes work just as well. I buy mine from Costco and they last a few months.

TONER: Sometimes skin can get a little bit red and begin to sting after wrestling off a thick, waterproof makeup look. It’s good to rinse your face and calm irritation with a splash of cool water, but if you’re on the go what you need is a calming toner. I recommend a facial spray like Evian because it’s completely non-irritating and after all, it’s just water.

MOISTURIZER: While your face is still damp, its great to go in with a trusted product that’ll bring back any moisture lost in the morning’s events. Use something unscented that’s rich enough to do the trick but light enough that the next makeup artist won’t have to take it off.

COTTON SWABS: One nook and cranny that models often forget to clean out are the corners of their eyes and waterlines – the happy home to eyeliner, shadows, mascaras and you name it. It’s tricky for an outside party to get in there so take an extra 10 seconds to clean off any product that’s hiding in your peepers.

Upon removal, not only will your skin appreciate being makeup-free, but the next artist you work with won’t have to hastily scrub off someone else’s work, giving you zero time to recuperate. A model’s skin is one of his/her best assets so take care of it between takes and the world will never guess that you’ve been burning the fashion candle at both ends

BUY: Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

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