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Keeping a Balance

​The life of a model can be quite hectic, lonely and sometimes very overwhelming. It is important to know how to get back to a balanced and centered state of mind. Here are some tips on how to maintain a balanced life while modeling:

  • Always and I mean ALWAYS listen to your mother agent and bookers! We want the best for you and believe me we have more experience in this industry than you! I know sometimes it will be hard, but you have to trust us, because we have one goal: TO MAKE YOU A SUCCESSFUL MODEL! We are not going to waste our time with someone who is not serious enough!

  • Maintain your Hobbies: If you like to read, paint, or visit the zoo, make sure you make time to do the things you love. This will keep you happy and mentally centered.

  • Maintain your Relationships and Friendships: Modeling can get very busy and sometimes you don’t have time or the energy to hang out with family and friends. But maintaining these relationships with family and friends with texts, calls, Skype and in person visits will keep you going.

  • Build a Community and Support System on Placements: Making friends with fellow models on placements is a great way to stay social. Those girls are also in a new place with no friends or family, so you will be able to connect on many of the same levels. It will also be nice to have someone to watch movies or have dinner with on Friday nights while traveling. As a safety feature, it is also good to travel in numbers when you are going out and exploring a new city

  • Talk Out Your Frustrations: When you are modeling, there can be situations that you encounter that are upsetting, scary, frustrating, or all of the above! Whatever the case may be, you should always talk things over with your mother agent! Never complain to clients or to the agency, because it can affect your career! Always come to us first and we will help you to solve the problem together! When something is bothering you, it can affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is better to discuss things instead of leaving them to build up and potentially cause more issues in the future. Don’t be afraid to discuss things with your bookers…believe us, we have heard everything!

Staying Away from Harmful Things

​There are many things that you will come across that can be potentially harmful to your body and/or your general health. Here are some things to keep your distance from:

  • Smoking - Very hazardous to your health and can diminish your modeling career (stunted growth, discolored teeth, etc)

  • Tanning -  An occasional tan on vacations or holidays is fine with a high factor sunscreen, but tanning in a salon will give you an orange-like color and this is not desirable for modeling.

  • Drugs/Alcohol - As girls get older, they will encounter situations where drugs and/or alcohol may be present. It is important to remember that you are what you consume and you do not want to consume things that will affect your body in a negative way. It is always best to treat your body with the upmost respect and to keep it in the most natural and healthy state possible. Break these rules and we will terminate your contract so it’s not worth it…. 

  • Unhealthy Relationships Being a model is a very privileged position to have and not everyone will be understanding or supportive of the modeling experience. Modeling can be a big undertaking and it is important to surround yourself with people who are happy for you and will support your endeavors. Being around people who are rooting for you and wishing you success will also contribute to the longevity of your modeling career.·

Being Professional and Having a Good Attitude

Your Agency, Clients and Photographers like working with a model who is professional, easy going and who has a nice personality. Often times models will get invited back by clients and photographers just because they are so great to work with. It does not always depend on the model’s face, sometimes it is because the model is very likable. And this likable quality is very important as it will give a model a good reputation and can bring more work. Clients are always watching, so act accordingly.

Tips to Being Professional and Likable:

  • Be Yourself, and Be Polite: Everyone is special in different ways, and there is no better way to show how great you are than being nice and polite. This makes you more inviting and more people will want to work with you when they know it will be a pleasant experience.

  • Help Those Who Help You: Your bookers are working very hard at building your career and managing many different things at once. It is important to always answer their calls, messages, or emails as quickly as possible. This also builds a professional trust between a model and her bookers. It is beneficial to everyone when things are communicated and executed in a timely manner. Bringing a cup of coffee or chocolate to your booker sometimes can do magic!  

  • Being prompt to all appointments, castings, and shoots is very important: Tardiness is not acceptable and will reflect poorly on a model and her agency. Being late can happen to everyone but if it becomes a habit, you can risk the chance of being black-listed. Your booker may decide against putting you forward for big jobs in favor of other models that have proven to be reliably professional. Therefore, it is important that you are always 15 minutes early to an appointment, casting, photoshoot, etc.

  • Keep your passion for modeling alive: Show clients and photographers that you are happy to be there, passionate about what you do, and ready to work hard.

  • Have Self Awareness: Modeling can be tiring with long hours and traveling. Your attitude may change without you even knowing into a rude or demanding attitude as a result of being tired. You must always watch yourself and realize when you are not being as professional as you would like.

  • Be Positive: Never speak badly on set about a brand, person, or even something you don’t like. Keep your opinions to yourself. If you have a bad experience with a photographer or client, excuse yourself, call your agency and discuss it with your booker in private.

  • Do Not Complain: This includes your agency, booker, the people at a job/shoot, or in front of anyone in the fashion industry. The industry is small and all about making connections, so please refrain from any negative comments. If you ever have any issues to discuss, always contact your booker during a lunch break or after a job. However, if you arrive on set and are uncomfortable with the job, contact your agency immediately. Your safety and well-being are always the highest priority and should never be compromised.

  • Keep your Social Media clean: Please keep all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram clean and professional. Under no circumstances should you be posting cheesy, crude, or distasteful photos of yourself. Doing so can also put your reputation at risk and prevent you from booking jobs.

Please check out the videos for more information: 

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