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How to prepare for a major casting like VOGUE?

When you get the chance to be at a casting of a fashion magazine like Vogue, you need to be able to present yourself in the brightest and best possible way as a model. Below you can find a few tips that will help you to prepare yourself to impress the casting directors.  And by prepare yourself we don’t only mean to be in your best shape, fresh looks and positive attitude, but also do your best to show your personality and stand out from all other models.
Nowadays magazines like VOGUE are not only looking for pretty girls with right measurements, but also for individuals with catching personality. Below you can find pointed out the most important qualities that VOGUE is looking for in a girl when they make booking decisions and there for it can apply for other fashion magazines or show castings!



As a future top model, you need to:

  1. have AMBITION


  3. have POTENTIAL

  4. believe and aim to be the new TOP MODEL

  5. FOCUS on your GOALS


Ambition is a key when it comes to success. You should keep yourself motivated all the time and seek daily improvement in everything you do. An easy way to stay motivated is to stick to a dream and a goal. Dream and think about your biggest and bravest wish when it comes to modelling. For which magazine do you want to shoot a cover one day? Which high fashion brand’s show you would like to walk? Who is your favorite photographer you wish to have the chance to work with?
Dream and imagine achieving all this. Sit down, write it on a piece of paper and make a list with actions of how you can get closer to each goal. By having a desire, you keep the spirit of your ambition alive and that helps you to turn your dreams from wishes into action. Stay positive and do your best to work on your goals that will lead you to making your dreams come true. By making daily effort to improve yourself in every single way, your daily workouts will become a routine, a habit. Your mindset will be set on a higher frequency and your habits will turn into character and make you stronger. Aim for personal excellence in everything you do.

Your personality is presented by your individual values, character, attitude, habits and skills. Everyone appreciates positive attitude and professional behavior. First of all be yourself and act true to your values. Always keep a good reputation of yourself and your mother agency.

Invest in your personal and professional development to grow your potential. Create value in every action that you do. Have a purpose and a reason for everything. By investing time and effort in yourself, you are planting seeds that will lead you to great opportunities. Every small daily progress will lead you to growing a better version of yourself and living a better life.
It is very important to have a positive mindset. Positivity creates happiness. One of the things to keep you positive is gratitude. Think about everything that you have in your life and you are grateful for. You are already a model which means that we have seen something very special in you and have noticed your limitless potential. Be aware of it and let it grow. Train your brain and mindset for excellence as you train your body.

Being a model makes you part of the modelling industry and gives you a chance to explore the riches of the fashion world from first hand experience. You are not a fashion student so you don’t have to be a fashion expert but you may find interesting and useful reading some new information about this huge industry and get yourself educated when it comes to fashion houses and designers.
Try to learn something new about the field that you are working in in order to enrich your knowledge about fashion. The more you know, the more power you have and you will impress the people you will work with and the more you will understand the style of a certain shooting, editorial or a fashion show you will work at.
Nowadays there are so many new designers and brands. Next to that we will always have the high fashion houses founded years ago that still dictate the trends of the fashion industry each season. As mentioned above VOGUE is classic and fashion.
It is important to know that every high fashion brand has its own brand identity and style. This is what makes the new collections of these brands recognizable. Every season new trends are coming in, followed by new designs and collections. What differentiates the well known high fashion and luxury brands from the fast fashion (also known as mass market – example Zara, Bershka, H&M) is that the luxury brands always keep their own classic identity. They transform their classic iconic pieces every season by making trendy versions, which are presented in the new seasons collections.
-for example: think about the Little black dress invented by Coco Chanel or the classic Chanel suit, which we see in every new collection of Chanel, transformed into new fabrics, colours and details. 
​If you are a fashion lover, you may already have a high fashion brand or a designer that you like because of its certain style but if you don’t, it would be great if you expand your knowledge about a certain brand. Below you can find the names of the most popular fashion houses that are key players in the industry.

Did we fire your interest about the big names in fashion? You can find more about the history and style of the designers in the next OMG blog post! 

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