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As a model you have to be stylish, chick and cool! Please follow our guide!


First of all, follow our market guides to always dress for the market you’re in. Japan has that Kawaii look which is cute and girly, then Paris and New York prefers the cool look which is jeans, T-shirt and combat boots or sneaker, while in Milan you can go with a bit more feminine look.

In general make sure that your clothes are never over-worn, wear something different every day and look fresh and trendy.
Skinny or straight jeans, T-shirts and tank tops, not too high heel shoes and a leather jacket should be in your basic wardrobe. Make sure that your underwear is also carefully selected with a matching bra and panty. You will be asked at castings to change into something else so what you wear underneath is very important.
Remember you are a model and you have to look like a model.

Forget fake lashes, shaped eye brows, fake hair, long nails and tanned skin. Forget about jewelry as well, they are a hassle to take off at castings. These features may look attractive to the general public but as a model you’re expected to be as natural as possible. The Barbie girl or Kim Kardashian look will be ridiculed at castings in Paris or New York.

Build your own personal look and image but stay within the above guidelines!

Look at the images below to get an idea of the perfect model look

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